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Visit Space

Your digital destination

Visit Space

Your digital destination

A whole world to explore. Virtually.

Space combines a 360º desktop world with video chat, live streaming, on-demand video content and gamification – all in your browser window.

Whether you’re online to share, showcase or meet, Space creates a sense of destination and exploration.

A new dimension for data capture

Each interaction point is valuable data, and Space tracks them all. Data can be delivered into the backend dashboard or directly integrated to your CRM or LMS system.

User journeys are trackable with cookies from Google Analytics, remarketing tags, and marketing automation platforms.

Unleash your imagination

Configure your Space to be whatever you need. Whether it’s a virtual event space or the first showroom on Mars, it’s yours.

Book a demo

Book a session with a member of our team to experience Space. We’ll meet with you to take you through all of the features and discuss your objectives.